Contract Administration 5 step plan

Contract Administrator

Touchstone is a contemporary Contract Administration firm. Having experienced Contracting as Employment Agent, Contractor and End User, the staff at Touchstone are well versed in the Contract Administration Industry. Having Legal & Accountancy Resources available to it, Touchstone are able to engage in the mine-field of Contracting.

Touchstone enter into a Contract with the Client Company to provide the services of our Contractors. We manage the Contract, raise invoices, collect fees, and make payments to our contractor in a timely manner. Touchstones Fees are simply calculated at 4% of the Contract Value, with a minimum charge of £25 per week.

When you appoint Touchstone as a self-employed Contractor you lose the constraints of running your own company or being part of a organisation that provides you with loans that will never ever be paid off?

Becoming a Contractor to Touchstone you retain self-employed status and enjoy the benefits that this brings whilst leaving the Contract Administration to us.

1. you advise us of your invoicing details

2. we raise the invoice to the client as per the terms of the contract

3. we monitor the payment period, ensuing it is in line with contract

4. once payment is received we make payments to your instructions

5. notify you by the agreed method