Contract Administration 5 step plan

Contract Administrator

Touchstone is a contemporary Contract Administration firm. Having experienced Contracting as Employment Agent, Contractor and Sub-Contractor, the staff at Touchstone are well versed in the Contract Administration Industry. Having Legal and Accountancy Resources available to it, Touchstone are able to engage in the mine-field of Contracting.

On behalf of our clients, we manage Multiple Contracts, ensuring compliance with respect to Contract Governance and Compliance, Project Accounting. Our fees are competitive, and would be pleased to offer a quotation after discussion and review of the contracts.

1. we consider the contract, agree management fees, and prepare a workflow statement

2. we monitor stage payments, compliance and finance as per the terms of the contract

3. we monitor contract report sheets, ensuing reporting is in line with contract

4. we provide reporting as per our agreed time table

5. notify you of any suspicious or worrying activities within the project